How do you develop a vision statement for your children’s ministry? Part 3 – Get the Word Out

February 29, 2012


You have finished brainstorming and created a single sentence vision statement. The last step in this vision-creating series is to make sure that everyone knows the vision for children’s ministry in your church.

You want everyone in children’s ministry to know and champion this vision. Gather your volunteers for a training day. Tell them how you arrived at your vision. Then offer them a tangible reminder of it. Creating bookmarks with the vision statement on them is a good idea. Encourage your volunteers to keep their bookmarks in their Bibles or curriculum binders. Encourage them to use the vision as they pray for their kids. It is also very important to tell your volunteers how they will be a vital part of seeing this vision fulfilled in the lives of the children in your church.

You also want the pastor and parents and other members of your congregation to know it as well. Knowing the vision statement shows them how to begin praying for the children of your church. It also shows them the value of children’s ministry. Arrange a meeting with the pastor and maybe even the board of elders or deacons. Present the vision to them.

Ideas for spreading the word about your vision include:

  • on your church website
  • on bookmarks
  • on posters
  • on letters
  • on registration forms
  • your email signature

Take some time at the end of your brainstorming day to think of ways of getting the word out creatively in your church community. Make it very visible. The goal is to have everyone be able to share the vision statement if asked.


A vision statement is a dream of what you want the kids in your ministry to be like once they leave. But it should be an attainable dream. You should be able to see it working out in the lives of the kids you minister to.

Dream big for your kids and then do all you can to fulfill that vision!


How do you develop a vision statement for your children’s ministry? Part one – Brainstorm, Part two – Create a single sentence vision statement, Part three – Get the word out.


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