Games Your Kids Will Never Tire of Playing – Sleeping Pirates

March 22, 2012


Games Your Kids Will Never Tire of PlayingI love this game! More importantly, kids love this game!

This is a great game to play after more active games or when you want to encourage the kids to start quieting down.

I call this game sleeping pirates, but it could be anything – hedgehogs, cowboys, astronauts, lions, whatever.

This game can be played inside or outside. It requires no equipment.

Here’s How to Play:

In this game, all of the children (except one or two captains) lie down on the floor in sleeping positions. Once they are settled, they are not allowed to move. The captains walk through the room and try to make the sleeping pirates move by making them laugh, telling them jokes, and so on. The captains are not allowed to touch the sleeping pirates. Once the pirates have moved, they get up and join the captains.

Reasons Why I Love this Game:

  1. All children play at the same time. No one is left out.
  2. It is easy to learn and simple to play.
  3. It is extremely versatile – it can be played almost anywhere, requires no equipment, and can be played with almost any number of children.
  4. It is a great way to transition from game time to other activities.
  5. I love the creative way kids will choose to “sleep” and the creative ways kids will choose to try make the other players move.

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