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April 26, 2012


It can be hard to find good music for kids – especially when you are looking for music to use on Sunday morning. A lot of songs are just silly or are too vague and symbolic for kids.

But there is good music out there – songs that kids can understand; songs that teach kids something about God; songs that lead kids to worship.

One of the places to find music for kids is Yancy is a musician and worship leader. Her music is geared for preteen children, but some of it can be used with all kids on Sunday mornings. Yancy is fun and upbeat.

I picked 10 songs that are great for Sunday morning. I will list the songs and why I picked them.

Here are my top 10 picks from Yancy:

1. The Greatest Gift

This is a Christmas song, but I love it so I thought I would include it anyway. It’s important to find good Christmas music for kids as well as music for the rest of the year. This song tells the story of Jesus’ birth and focuses on the fact that He the Son of God sent to save us. It’s an upbeat, joyful song that focuses on the true reason we celebrate at Christmas.

2. For Your Glory

This song is a high energy song that proclaims the desire to live for the glory of God. It talks about how God is great and good and gives us the strength to live the way He wants us to live. It is a song of worship and commitment to live our lives for the glory of God.

3. All of Me

This song is a slower song of worship sung as a prayer.The chorus says,

“I love You. And I want to serve You and give You all of me.”

This is a great song to use with kids in teaching about worship – this song is about Jesus and our love for Him.

4. I Will Worship You

This is a slow, worshipful song that tells of our love for Jesus and desire to worship Him for His faithfulness, for being wonderful and true. This is a good song to sing with kids because it is clear and simple. It is a song of worship to God that encourages kids to sing to Him in praise.

5. Shout!

“I want to shout it out that I love Jesus! Tell the world that God is good. Sing a song that makes me happy. Shout out loud that God is good.”

The chorus is great. The verses may need a little discussion, depending on the age of your kids. This song is upbeat and fun.

6. I’m Really Happy

This is an upbeat song that is great fun. This song talks about the joy we have as followers of Jesus. This is an unapologetic kid’s song – there is shouting and jumping and fun. I like this song because it highlights the happiness found in a relationship with Jesus.

7. Every Good and Perfect Thing

This is a fun, upbeat song of thanks to our God who is always good to us.

“You are good to me all the time You guarantee. You are good to me always. No matter what is to come; when life is perfect or coming undone. You are good to me always. Every good and perfect thing comes from You.”

This is a wonderful song to sing with kids because it reminds to be thankful for all the good things God gives us. It also reminds us that God is good all the time.

8. I Love You

This is a slow song of praise. The chorus says,

“I love You. With all of my heart I love You. With all of my life I love You. With all of my dreams I love You.”

There is only 1 verse and the chorus, so it is not difficult to learn. But there are a few phrases that will need explaining especially for younger children. During the verse:

“I don’t wanna be another voice ashamed to say Your name. Jesus, You are so much greater and my life will speak Your fame.”

The way the sentence is formed may cause some confusion and there are some words that should be defined (ashamed and the phrase “life will speak Your fame.”) It’s worth taking the time to talk about the meaning of this song and then singing it together with your kids.

9. Sing Your Praises Out

In Luke chapter 19, Jesus rides into Jerusalem to the praise of the crowd. The Pharisees tell Jesus to ask His disciples to be quiet.

“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

This is an upbeat song of praise to our God who is big and worthy. I really like this song. It encourages those listening to sing His praises out because this is what we were made for.

10. Be Glorified

This is a slow song sung as a prayer. The chorus says,

“Jesus, be glorified. Jesus, be lifted high in my life, in my heart.”

I like how the word glorified is explained in the next sentence as being lifted high. Glorify is a word that needs to be explained to kids and, although, we may notice the definition given, kids may not. Make the connection for them. In this song we worship God by giving God the glory He alone deserves. We worship God for his glory and exalted status.

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