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September 12, 2012

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This is the last section of the template for building a lesson. In this part of the lesson a response is required of your students.

“The goal is transformed lives – change. Therefore, creative Bible teachers helps students respond by leading them to see God’s will and by helping them decide and plan to do it.” (Creative Bible Teaching, Lawrence Richards)

childrens-ministry-Jesus-followerIn the look section of the lesson, you discuss as a group how to apply the truth of Scripture to our lives. In the took section you want each student to take away one practical idea for implementing the truth during the upcoming week. The took section is practical and personal. Students may have different ideas for implementing what they have learned – and that’s good!

Hook, book, look, took is a great tool for teachers. It is an easy, memorable way of understanding how a lesson is put together or putting together a lesson yourself.

“Breaking down the process of creative Bible teaching into four parts simplifies lesson planning.” (Creative Bible Teaching, Lawrence Richards)

So, take out your Sunday School material and grab the next lesson. Use this tool (HBLT) to understand how the lesson is put together. Find the hook – what will you use to grab your students attention? Highlight the book – what is the Scripture passage being used and how are you going to help your students discover and understand the truth in that passage? Circle the look – what are the implications of that passage to the lives of your students? How can that passage be applied to the everyday lives of your class? Finally, took. What are your students going to do about what they have learned?

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