Teacher Training Video – Grabbing Your Students Attention

To be an effective teacher, your first job is to grab your class’s attention. You need to find a way to get everyone thinking about the theme.

What are some characteristics of a good attention-grabber?

  • It’s short – don’t take too long on your attention-grabber. It should be short; it should draw your students in, but it is not the main focus of the lesson. Keep it short.
  • It introduces – a concept, the 1 thing, a problem
  • It should never distract – this is really important. The attention-grabber should never distract your class from the Biblical truth you want them to discover. A good attention-grabber will lead directly to the Bible study.
    • Be careful that you don’t hook their attention on something trivial or you will lose them. Kids will focus on the wrong thing. So, be careful in your hook to grab their attention and focus it on the central truth.

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