My Book Recommendations for Your Classroom

There are certain books that I recommend all classroom have to enhance the learning experience for kids.Girl reading books.

1. Bibles

It’s important to have extra copies of kid-friendly Bibles in our classrooms. Have enough so that you can have Bibles available for kids who forgot to bring their and also so that you can give a Bible to a child who does not have one.

2. Bible Dictionaries

One reason why I love Bible dictionaries in the classroom so much is that they can be used by teachers to encourage students to discover the answers to their questions themselves.

Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary For KidsHolman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids is hardcover, beautifully illustrated, and indexed for easy use. It includes reconstructions that show how building and cities may have actually looked in Bible times; illustrated charts such as foods in Bible times or tools of the Bible; Charts such as the names of God, musical instruments of the Bible; pronunciation guides; photographs; and definitions. This great resource is available for about $13 from

The Action Bible Handbook – A dictionary of people, places, and things. Vivid illustrations and kid-friendly explanations. A complete index is included so you can find just the topic you’re looking for.

3. Reference Books

These are any books that help the children understand that the people and events in the Bible are real. They are real people who lived in a real place. Look for books with maps, atlases, descriptions of life in Bible times.

The Amazing Expedition Bible by Mary Hollingsworth– contains 60 Bible stories told chronologically. Some features include an historical timeline showing the dates of Bible & non-Bible events, illustrations, history mystery and Bible mystery sections, special sections for Science, Technology & Growth, Daily Life, History & Politics, etc.

The New Kids Book of Bible Facts by Anne Adams – This book is full of facts, lists, details and trivia about life in Bible times. Sections on customs, daily living, education, government, occupations, travel, and warfare.

Thomas Nelson Publishers put out a series called Bible World. One book in the series is called Everyday Life in Bible Times: Work, Worship, and War. Another is called The Bible Story Begins: From Creation to Covenant.

Atlas of Bible Lands by Broadman Press is an illustrated atlas of the Bible including  terrain maps, photographs, city plans, diagrams, and a time chart of Bible history.

4. Storybook Bibles

Be selective of the storybook Bibles you have in your classrooms. Make sure students understand that they are not Bibles, they simply tell some of the stories of the Bible.

For preschool classrooms I recommend:

My Great Big God – 20 Bible Stories to Build a Great Big Faith by Andy Holmes. This board book contains delightful illustrations with one story per page. The reference for the story is included under the title. I love this storybook because it focuses on our great big God! Each story has a key theme: My great big God made everything! My great big God hears me when I pray! My great big God saves His people! My great big God gave us Jesus!

The Beginner’s Bible – contains more than 90 Bible stories with wonderful illustrations. The large font makes for easy reading.

The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm – This storybook is designed to help kids see the big picture of the Bible. The back says, “The Bible is a big book, about a big God, who keeps a big promise!” Includes an audio recording on 2 cd’s.

For elementary classrooms I recommend:

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones – this storybook Bible was written to highlight how everything in the Bible points to Jesus.

The Action Bible – God’s Redemptive Story – includes over 200 fast-paced narratives in chronological order. This comic book style storybook Bible will appeal especially to boys.

5. Missions Books

Include books in your classroom about missionaries and other parts of the world. I recommend:

Operation World by YWAM Publishing- the definitive prayer guide to every nation. This book includes information about every nation – population, languages, politics, missions activity. Highly recommended!

From Akebu to Zapotec – A Book of Bibleless Peoples by June Hathersmith – this book is available through Wycliffe Bible Translators. 26 people groups are highlighted in this book. Descriptions of where they live and what life is like for them are included. Great illustrations!

There are a series of books called Hero Tales by Dave & Neta Jackson that tell the story of Christians throughout history and around the world. These books don’t contain a lot of illustrations, but each story is short and kids can read them on their own or enjoy hearing the story read outloud.

There is a lot of great material out there, but you don’t need all of it in your classroom! Do your research and be selective. Carefully choose a few really good books for your classroom that will add fun and learning to your students Sunday School experience.

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