Looking for an Interactive, Practical Safety Policies & Procedures Seminar?

September 4, 2013

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Dchildrens ministry classroom managemento any of you struggle with providing training on safety policies and procedures that is fresh, interesting, practical, and engaging?

I do. That’s why I have created this training seminar that you can use. It’s best used as a refresher seminar, but new volunteers will learn a lot from it as well.

This seminar will take an hour. You can make it longer or shorter as necessary. You can also add or change scenarios to make them very practical to your situation.

The seminar attendees should be in groups of 2-6, ideally around a table to allow for easy discussion and note-taking.

Each table should have a one or two scenarios, pens/pencils, a green sign, and a red sign. (The number of attendees you have will dictate how many scenarios each table gets.)

The signs can be as simple or complex as you want them. A sheet of construction paper cut into four pieces could make four signs. Tape one piece to a jumbo popsicle stick and you have a sign.

The leader needs to have a copy of the scenarios, as well as the additional scenarios, and a copy of the church’s official policies and procedures.

Group Activity

Step 1. Scenario review: Each table will be given one or more scenarios. They will read the scenario together and decide what they would do in the situation described. 5 minutes will be given to complete this activity.

Step 2. Presentation and voting: Once the activity is completed, the leader will ask one table at a time to read out their scenario and their response to it. The other tables will vote on the correctness of the response by holding up the red or green signs provided.

Step 3. Additional discussion questions: Then the leader will ask the accompanying group discussions questions (Scenario 1-1.) The leader should address these questions to the whole group.

Step 4: Policy review: The leader needs to listen carefully and make sure that all policy points are covered in the discussion. Once they are, the leader can move on to the next scenario.

I have created a Leaders Guide and Scenarios Handouts  for you to print off and use at your next training seminar. The leaders guide includes instructions for leading this seminar as well as the scenarios that will be used and the followup group discussions questions. The Scenario handouts contain two scenarios per page for you to print off, cut, and give to your seminar attendants. Freshen up your safety policies training and get your volunteers talking!

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