Do You Have a Purpose?

Question mark in the skyThe word purpose means the reason for which something exists. This is the starting point. Do you know why children’s ministry exists in your church? Do you know why Sunday School exists in your church? How about VBS or clubs?

Why do you exist?

This is the question you need to answer first. Your purpose will state why you have children’s ministry in your church. Most churches will have the same purpose and that’s okay. A purpose is more general in focus. For most churches, children’s ministry exists to introduce kids to Jesus and disciple them. This is the general purpose. The specifics of how it plays out are unique from church to church.

Here is an example of a purpose statement for a children’s ministry: “We exist, for God’s glory, to introduce kids to Jesus and disciple them as Christ-followers that they might introduce the next generation to Jesus and make disciples of them.”

Why is a Purpose Important?

A purpose is important because it defines your children’s ministry or program. Once you know what your ministry is, you can make decisions on what to include, how to run certain programs, and when to shut down certain programs. Knowing your purpose helps you choose curriculum and set the schedule and routine.

Having a purpose gives you a tool to evaluate. It lets you say ‘no’ to things that may be good but don’t fit your purpose.

A Purpose Can be General or Specific

A purpose statement can be written for the children’s ministry as a whole or it can be written for specific programs. For example, the Sunday School can have a purpose statement.

Once you know the purpose for your ministry, it’s time to move on to the mission of your ministry. What is mission and why it is important for children’s ministry is the topic of the next article in this series.

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