It’s Published! The Well Equipped Volunteer Children’s Ministry Handbook


After a year and a half of intensive writing and editing, I’m excited to announce that my book is finally published! The Well Equipped Volunteer Children’s Ministry Handbook has everything you need to lead Children’s Ministry in your church. It’s a 400 plus page manual for Children’s Ministry leaders and volunteers to help them start and grow a thriving Children’s Ministry.

The book brings together everything I’ve learned in my 17+ years in Children’s Ministry. The book is divided into five parts:

  1. Vision, Purpose, and Mission: This helps you build the big picture of your ministry.
  2. Programming and Curriculum: Develop a disciple-making strategy; learn to analyze curriculum; and build programs that meet the needs of your church and community.
  3. Volunteers: Learn to recruit, train, and retain volunteers.
  4. Administration: Develop effective safety guidelines, create a budget, and work with others in the church.
  5. Teacher Training: This section has over a dozen detailed training topics (like lesson prep, sharing the gospel with kids, and discipline) to enable leaders to train their volunteers.

Check out this post for the table of contents.

To buy the book on amazon, click the book cover below.


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I am passionate about Jesus and kids and the people who work with kids in the church. I want to help empower children’s ministry volunteers – especially those who work in small and rural churches.

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  1. Teacher 101 Says:

    Will you have your book available in an ebook?


  2. Teacher 101 Says:



  3. Teacher 101 Says:

    I must say I really enjoyed your book. It is very insightful, and filled with so much information. It is broken down so easily for you to understand, and apply to the ministry. Not only did I get many good ideas but I was able to come up with some ideas that I can implement in the ministry. I highly recommend this book it is well worth the price. Keeping up a website with updated information can be very time consuming. I appreciate you taking the time to share this information with small churches or those that simply can’t afford the resources for such valuable information. God Bless You.


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