Two Great Resources for Missions Activities in Your Children’s Ministry


1. Wycliffe offers great free missions lessons and activities for kids

Wycliffe is a missions organization that focuses on Bible translation. According to their website,

“Wycliffe serves minority language groups worldwide by fostering an understanding of God’s Word through Bible translation, while nurturing literacy, education and stronger communities.”

Wycliffe is a great resource for your Children’s Ministry because they offer free resources that you can download from their website. My favorite resource are the Global Fun Facts Sheets. These are activity sheets that focus on 5 different areas of the world – the Pacific, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

These interactive sheets include a map of the area, fun facts, pictures, recipes, and lots more. For example, did you know that there are 1,363 different languages in the Pacific area and that only 149 language groups in the Pacific have the Bible or the New Testament written down.

2. Operation World

Operation World is a prayer guide for every country in the world. This book contains information and prayer requests for each nation. Information includes geography, languages, politics, and economy.

For example, if you look up Botswana you will find that the Kalahari Desert covers 80% of the country, there are 80 languages spoken, and there is complete freedom of religion.

This resource is a great way to raise global awareness. Check out their website for more information!

I’d love to hear from you!

What are some great missions resources you use in your Children’s Ministry?


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