Children’s Ministry Volunteer Handbook

Everything you need to lead Children’s Ministry in your church!

Every week, countless volunteers show up at churches to tirelessly work in Children’s Ministry. They work in Sunday School, children’s church, midweek club programs, VBS, and any number of other programs and activities offered. Many of these faithful volunteers are undertrained and underequipped but they serve anyway because they know that they are building up the church of tomorrow.

That’s why I wrote The Well Equipped Volunteer Children’s Ministry Handbook. It’s the comprehensive reference manual for kidmin leaders and volunteers that they’ll use almost every single day to help them start and grow their Children’s Ministry. The book is over 400 pages long and jam-packed with practical information that you can implement immediately. Click here to download some sample chapters. Click here to see the table of contents.

And here’s a review from someone using my book in their children’s ministry:

“I purchased your book a few months ago… I must admit when it first arrived I was a bit taken aback with how big it was with very small writing!…I’m now half way through after a few hours of reading. It’s such an easy read and is FULL of super useful God centered advice. Thank you so much!…Now I feel like I have a plan and lots of exciting ideas I can’t wait to implement. Thank you so much for your Godly and practical advice from years of first hand experience. I love your book and will be delving back into it regularly…Your book is a total inspiration and help to me. So grateful for it!”

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