Children’s Ministry Volunteer Seminars

Train your children’s ministry volunteers with a live, engaging seminar – for a couple hours or all day long.

Training children’s ministry volunteers can be a lot of work… on top of how busy you already are. You know it’s important, and you know will benefit your volunteers and the kids in your ministry, but sometimes it’s hard to arrange the training day and then stand up there and deliver training. (And sometimes you know that your team can benefit from an outsider’s perspective).

That’s where I can help. Whether you have 5 volunteers or 500, it’s sometimes nice to have an outside trainer come in to provide a different perspective and to help grow the skills, knowledge, and passion of your children’s ministry volunteers. Churches hire me to deliver training seminars for their children’s ministry volunteers. I love this ministry and I would love to help your volunteers!

Seminars are available on the following topics and can be customized to your church’s needs at no extra charge:

  • From Application to Action: How to Lead an Effective Application Time
  • Application Time Checklist: 9 Tips for Leading Application Time
  • Nursery as Ministry: Forget Babysitting! You’re Kingdom Building!
  • The Well Managed Classroom: How to Stay Sane and Create an Environment Where Kids Can Learn
  • Good Kids/Bad Kids: Discipline Strategies that Really Work
  • Tell Us More: 15 Storytelling Techniques to Keep Your Kids Begging to Learn
  • In the Word: How to Put More Bible into Your Bible Teaching
  • Brain Glue: How to Use the Most Effective Teaching Strategy Ever
  • Tips for Teaching Large Multi-Age Groups
  • Preschool Mind-Reader: How to Understand Preschoolers & Reach Those You Teach

Other topics may be available. If you have a topic you’d like to train your volunteers on but don’t see it listed above, get in touch.

Seminars are about 2 hours long and I’m happy to deliver multiple seminars in half-day and full-day formats.

All seminars are hands-on, highly practical, and very engaging. I’ll answer your volunteers’ questions and I’ll provide handouts and other resources for your volunteers to use and take home.

Here’s what other people are saying:

“Janelle’s presentation was very informative and dynamic. I loved her enthusiasm and love for the Lord; and her desire to equip Sunday School volunteers with valuable tools that will enable us to teach more effectively.” Dina

“My name is Rebecca and I really enjoyed Janelle’s presentation, it’s so simple but profound to give them biblical truth so thank you so much and God bless you richly for your service to Him.”

“Great practical information on how to help kids engage with God’s word and respond.”

Check out this clip from one of my seminars…

Get in touch for more information about having a seminar in your church.

(Seminars, keynotes, workshops, and classes are also available for children’s ministry conferences and Bible colleges).