Children’s Ministry Volunteer Webinars

The flexible, affordable solution to training your volunteers… all you need is a computer!

Children’s ministry volunteers benefit from training, and sometimes it’s nice to share an outsider’s expert perspective. However, bringing in a trainer is not always possible for many churches. Maybe a tight budget or your church’s distance from a major city makes it too difficult to have an outside trainer speak to your volunteers.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to get an outside trainer without the cost and hassle of bringing them in from far away: Webinars! Webinars are just like seminars… but the speaker’s seminar is delivered through the web to your computer screen.

All you need is a computer and high speed internet connection… and your team can learn from the comfort of your church (even when the speaker is miles away). Small and rural churches love this approach because it costs less and they get the same benefit of an outside trainer that usually only larger urban churches get.

I would love to deliver a seminar for your church. It doesn’t matter where you are or what size of church you have. If you have volunteers, and you want to have them trained, a webinar is a great solution.

Webinars are available on the following topics and can be customized to your church’s needs at no extra charge:

  • From Application to Action: How to Lead an Effective Application Time
  • Application Time Checklist: 9 Tips for Leading Application Time
  • Nursery as Ministry: Forget Babysitting! You’re Kingdom Building!
  • The Well Managed Classroom: How to Stay Sane and Create an Environment Where Kids Can Learn
  • Good Kids/Bad Kids: Discipline Strategies That Really Work
  • Tell Us More: 15 Storytelling Techniques to Keep Your Kids Begging to Learn
  • In the Word: How to Put More Bible into Your Bible Teaching
  • Brain Glue: How to Use the Most Effective Teaching Strategy Ever
  • Tips for Teaching Large Multi-Age Groups
  • Preschool Mind-Reader: How to Understand Preschoolers & Reach Those You Teach

Other topics may be available. If you have a topic you’d like to train your volunteers on but don’t see it listed above, get in touch.

All my webinars are live, engaging, highly practical, and interactive… just like my seminars. And just like a live seminar, I’ll answer your volunteers’ questions and I’ll provide handouts and other resources for your volunteers to use and take home.

Here’s how it works: Contact me to arrange a webinar date. Schedule your children’s ministry volunteer training session as usual. When training day arrives, set up the computer on the table so all of your volunteers can see it. Then I will take over on screen and lead the webinar just as if I was there in person. (Optional: If you have a video projector, you can project from your computer screen onto a larger wall for a bigger picture experience).

Ready to get started with live webinars to train your volunteers? Get in touch for more information.