Free Resources – Motion Videos

Are you looking for some actions to go with the songs you sing in Children’s Ministry? Use the chart below to find motion videos sorted by category. Click on the song title to watch the motion video. The chart also helps you find songs based on age group. Use the chart to find new songs that you may not be familiar with.

Active songs are upbeat, fast songs that are about God. Bible Verse songs are bible verses put to music. Bridge songs are transition songs. They help to bridge the gap between active songs and worship songs. Commitment songs are about our desire to follow and obey God; they are about living life as a Christ-follower. Fun songs are fun with a Biblical message. Worship songs are primarily about God and His character.

Categories and songs Pre-school Elementary Pre-teen
Active songs
All About Jesus (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
God Always Keeps His Promises (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
The God of Wow (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
A Plan (by Phil Joel) X X
Every Good & Perfect Thing (by Yancy) X X
For Your Glory (by Yancy) X X
God is Good (by Willow Creek Promiseland) X
God is Number One (by Willow Creek Promiseland) X
God You Are Great (by Willow Creek Promiseland) X
Good News X
Happy Day X X
It's Not New (by Yancy) X
Jesus is the Best Oh Yes (by Willow Creek Promiseland) X
Joy (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
Know You Better (by Phil Joel) X X
Your Love (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
Make Me Faithful (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
My Best Friend X X
My God (by Go Fish Guys) X X
My Number One (by Hillsong Kids) X X
No One Like You X X
One Way (by Uncle Charlie) X
To Be Like Jesus (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
Bible Verse songs
Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust(by Seeds) X X
More Than Conquerors (by Seeds) X X
The Greatest Commandment (by Seeds) X X
The Word of the Lord (by Seeds) X X
Bridge songs
Totally God Totally Man (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
A Generous Heart (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
All the Earth (by Uncle Charlie) X X
Because You First Loved Me (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
God of Wonders X X
Good and Gracious (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
Jesus Came to Earth (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
Lord I Lift Your Name on High X X
Lord Reign in Me X X
Love the Lord (by Uncle Charlie) X X
Mighty Mighty Savior (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
Praise Your Name (by Go Fish Guys) X X
Shout (by Yancy) X X
Worship You Forever (by Hillsong Kids) X X
Commitment songs
One Way (by Hillsong Worship) X X
Give Me Self-Control (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
I Don't Have to Hide (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
Jesus You're My Hope (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
Trust and Obey (by Uncle Charlie) X X
You Show Me Kindness (by SovereignGraceKids) X X
Fun songs
Dance Shout Sing (by Willow Creek Promiseland) X
Seven (by Willow Creek Promiseland) X
Superhero (by Uncle Charlie) X X
Touch the Sky (by Willow Creek Promiseland) X
To God Be the Glory X X
Worship songs
Anytime Anywhere (Willow Creek Promiseland) X
How Great is Our God X X
Jesus You Are Here With Me (Willow Creek Promiseland) X
No Other Name (by Uncle Charlie) X X
Our God (by Uncle Charlie) X
Seasonal (i.e. Christmas)

Disclaimer: These videos have been gathered from other sources. I do not own the copyright for the songs or videos.

Please contact me if you find a video that is no longer available.