Free Resources – Teacher Training

DiscipleLand – Do you use Discipleland curriculum? This site offer training videos on using this curriculum.Videos are specific to age groups.

Children Desiring God – Every 2 years, CDG offers a children’s ministry conference with fantastic seminars on preparing and presenting Sunday School lessons, leading application time, praying for your class, being a better teacher, recruiting, and more. Seminars and main sessions from all the conferences are available on this page of their website. Some are video and some are audio presentations. Handouts are available to download for many seminars.

Church Education Ministries (PDF) – This document is a resource for those who are interested in discipleship. What does a healthy disciple look like?

Epipen Training Material & Practice Pens – It is becoming more and more important for children’s ministry volunteers to understand and be able to react to severe allergy attacks. This website offers training in recognizing the symptoms of a severe allergy attack and what to do when a child in your care is having an attack. This website offers free practice epi pens and a free training DVD.

Children’s Ministry Spectrum

How do you plan your programs in children’s ministry? This post introduces the children’s ministry spectrum. This resource helps you evaluate and organize your programs with the ultimate goal of discipleship.

Children’s Ministry Spectrum Worksheet – Print off this worksheet and plot out your current programs. Brainstorm new ideas and programs to fill the gaps in the spectrum.

Children’s Ministry Spectrum Wallposter – Print off this poster and hang it on the wall in your office or children’s ministry area. It’s a great reminder for you to think about the children’s ministry spectrum and where programs you are considering fit into it.

Safety Policies & Procedures Refresher Training Seminar
Leaders Guide

The following videos are clips from a training seminar I recently gave:

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training – Teach One Thing

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training – Teach One Thing Nursery Tip

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training – Grabbing Your Students Attention

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training Nursery Tip – Grabbing Attention in the Nursery

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training – Focus on Scripture

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training – Tips for Teaching Large, Multi-Age Groups

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training – Application Time

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training – Application Time Questions

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training – Tips for Leading Application Time

Info-graphic about smart teaching and learning that sticks.

How to make your children’s ministry curriculum more inclusive for kids with special needs.