Free Resources – Teaching Aids

These sites have great teaching aid resources – graphics,pictures, online Bible versions, and lots more!

BibleGateway – This website is a great resource for children’s ministry volunteers. This website offers lots of different translations of the Bible. You can search by keyword or passage. I use this website frequently.

DiscipleLand (scroll down to the section called “Download Resources”) – This page offers some resources for you as you plan, build, and dream for your children’s ministry.

EBibleTeacher graphics, pictures, and Bibleland maps – This website offers photographic pictures of the Holy Land, items used in Bible times, and awesome maps. Great teaching aids. Can be added to powerpoint presentations or printed off and use in the classroom. – This is a membership site, but there are plenty of free resources as well. This page offers teaching aids in the following categories: attendance, behavior management, children’s ministry ideas, classroom environment, class participation, lesson preparation, review & memorization, storytelling, and snacks. Ideas with a blue dot are free.

A Variety of Teaching Aids!

Benedictions – If you lead worship time with kids or teach in a large group setting, this resource will be helpful. I have gathered together benedictions from the Bible. Benedictions are a way to end your time together Biblically blessing the kids.

Calls to Worship – If you lead worship time with kids or teach in a large group setting, this resource will be helpful. A call to worship is a way of gathering together to worship God by focusing on how awesome our God is!

A-Z Prayers – The following resource is a wonderful aid for you as you pray for the kids in your class or children’s ministry. Print it off and put it in your Bible, or on your fridge, or on the bulletin board in your office.

Bible Story Printables has a new section called Bible Story Figures. These can be printed in color or black & white and used in telling Bible stories. You could attach them to popsicle sticks or add vecro to use with flannelgraph. Figures are available for the Christmas story, Noah’s Ark, and Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

Free Application Time Resource – Here are 2 helpful resources I’ve created for small group application leaders. These application question cards will help you gauge your students understanding of the Biblical truth taught and help you guide them to apply truth to life.

Gauge Understanding Application Question Cards – download here. It’s best to print them on cardstock.

Apply Truth to Life Application Questions Cards – download here. It’s best to print them on cardstock.

Teacher Instruction Sheet – Tips for using these cards.

Application Time Answer Prompt – download here and print on cardstock.

Kids love skits! How to Put Together the Best Prop Box Ever!

Make Your Own Bible Box! I love this idea! It’s a simple, inexpensive idea that will help you bring life to the Bible stories you tell.

Free printable bible people!

Use the bracelets to quickly put kids into teams for class activities or games.

Easy way to switch around pictures and student work.

Looking for some bulletin board ideas?

Building Biblical Vocabulary

Teaching Kids How to Study their Bible

Books of the Bible Bulletin Board

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