Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training – Nursery as Ministry Part 4

Tips & Ideas for Your Nursery

  • Make the monthly theme visible for volunteers and parents.
  • Make some pictures that highlight the theme and put them up at a crawling baby’s level.
  • Call the children in the nursery by name. Use each child’s name out loud at least once during their stay in the nursery.
  • Use a surprise box – put something that highlights the theme into a box. Let the kids take the lid off and discover the item. Then use it so talk about the theme with the children.
  • Use a story apron – have a volunteer put on an apron with a big pocket. They will pull an item out of the pocket that highlights the theme.
  • Make your own book – laminate some pictures and put them into a binder or bind them together with a binder ring. Make one book for each theme you will focus on

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training – Nursery as Ministry Part 3

Transform Your Nursery from Babysitting to Kingdom Building in 6 Steps!

Step 1 – Set up the nursery for ministry (this step was covered in part 1 of this series).
Step 2 – Use key Biblical themes to lay a strong foundation (this step was covered in part 2 of this series).
Step 3 – Continue laying the foundation by making use of teachable moments.
Step 4 – Prayer
Step 5 – Biblical conversations
Step 6 – Partner with parents in ministry.

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