4 Ways to Get Your Kids Thinking About Outreach

Outreach is important! It’s the first step to evangelism. Kids can be involved in outreach. Kids should be involved in outreach.

Children's Ministry Outreach

Tell your kids that they can reach out to the people in their spheres of influence and share the love of Jesus with them! Get them thinking about their spheres of influence. Where do they spend their time?

There are 3 big areas for kids – home, school, and community. Get your kids thinking about how they can reach out to people in their families, to friends at school, and to people in the community, and then give them a tangible reminder that they can reach out to people and share the love of Jesus with them.


Outreach happens in your home with your family. Be on the lookout for ways to share the love of Jesus with your immediate family and your extended family. Start with people you know. Maybe your Grandma needs some help with yard work or your aunt needs your help with babysitting.


Outreach happens at school with your friends and even with kids at school who are not your friends but could use your support and encouragement. Look for ways to share the love of Jesus with kids at school. This may mean sitting with the kid at lunch who is all alone or telling your best friend about Jesus and how a relationship with Him could change their life.


Outreach happens in your community with your neighbors. Take some time to check out your neighborhood. Look for ways to share the love of Jesus in your community. Maybe you have an elderly neighbor who could use help shoveling snow from their driveway or raking the leaves on the lawn.


Spend some time brainstorming with your kids about ways they can reach out at home, school, and in their community. Encourage them to be specific.

 Tangible Reminder

After you have gotten your kids thinking about outreach, give them something tangible to help them remember that they can reach out with the love of Jesus. Some ideas could be a Wordless bracelet. Make the bracelets together. Use beads that are the color of the wordless book – gold/yellow, black, red, white, green. Teach the kids what each color means and encourage them to wear the bracelet as a reminder to share the good news of the gospel in their spheres of influence. Another idea for a tangible reminder would be a zipper pull with John 3:16 written on it. Again, this is a tangible reminder for kids that they can be involved in reaching out to those who need to hear about the love of Jesus!


Outreach Idea–Mission: Possible

Are you looking for a new idea for outreach to the kids in your community? Here’s an idea that you can use to reach out to boys in grades 4-6.

Mission: Possible


This idea is based around events planned specifically for boys in grades 4-6.

Plan one event per month. Since it is once a month, go big! Think Glo-bowling, rock-climbing, Floor hockey tournament, sledding in a cool location, or a Wii tournament on big screens. Take some time in the planning stages to brainstorm ideas.

It’s a good idea to follow the school year, so plan for 10 events.

Then, because it has a spy theme, invite boys from your church and your community to join the mission. Send out invites (by mail or email). Play around with the theme and have fun!

For each event, send out a new mission invite. This should contain what the mission is, where it will be, and when it will be.

To make it even more fun, devise a simple code that your mission team will need to break to get the needed info.

During the events, have fun and take the time to get to know the boys. Build relationships. Also, plan on brief devotionals that will introduce the boys to Jesus.

As always, when offering programs for kids, make sure you have enough leaders to run the program. These can be men from your church or older teens. Make sure you have safety policies and procedures in place.

Mission: Possible

Have fun with the spy theme, plan cool events that boys in your community will want to attend, recruit leaders that understand the purpose and goals of this outreach program, plan entry-level devotionals that will introduce the boys to Jesus and allow them to ask questions and discover Biblical truth.