Train Your Volunteers to Use an EpiPen

Do you have a child in your children’s ministry with severe allergies?

Part of our responsibility as children’s ministry volunteers is to provide a safe environment for the children in our care. One way we can do that is to ensure that our volunteers are aware of the signs & symptoms of a severe allergy attack and what to do when a child experiences a severe allergy attack.

First, do your best to ensure a nut-free environment. Make sure all snacks you provide are nut-free and if possible made in a nut-free facility. Ask parents, volunteers, and members of the congregation to provide nut-free baking & snacks for church events. Put up posters reminding people that the children’s ministry is a nut-free zone.

Second, train your volunteers how to recognize and respond to a severe allergic reaction. This is easy and free. offers free training kits that include a dvd and practice epipens.

The dvd includes videos on recognizing the signs & symptoms, how to use an epipen, and tips to help you be prepared. The practice pen is very helpful for volunteers to become familiar with and comfortable using an epipen. This is so important because when a child is experiencing a severe allergic reaction, swift action could save their life.

Visit to order a free training kit. Train your volunteers to recognize the signs & symptoms of a severe allergic reaction. This is a simple way to make your children’s ministry a safer place for kids.