How to Put Together the Best Prop Box Ever!

Kids love skits!

Yellow TiaraSkits as an activity in the classroom are a great idea! They get kids involved and interacting with the Bible story, Bible point, new concept, or application. Visitors and regulars; churched and unchurched can get involved.

There are lots of different types of skits kids can have fun with in Sunday School.  Here are 11 skit ideas for your classroom.

In this post I want to talk about being prepared to use a skit anytime by putting together a prop box.

If you have a well-stocked prop box, you can use skits in your classroom as planned activities or spontaneous activities. A prop box is also very handy if you suddenly have time on your hands and need something to do.

So, what does a well-stocked prop box look like and how can you go about stocking one?

1. A Well-Stocked Prop Box

First, find an old trunk, plastic container, or even a large cardboard box to use as your prop box. Make a sign if you want, or ask your class to make it for you.

Next, start filling it with props and costumes that will ignite your student’s imaginations!

Here are some ideas:

  • Fabric in different colors and sizes (these can be used for costumes and props)
  • Plain t-shirts in different colors (especially white and black)
  • Button shirts
  • A dress or two
  • Skirts
  • Hearts – red, black, brown in different sizes
  • Sticker nametags
  • Sandals/flip-flops
  • Crown
  • Scepter
  • Stuffy animals – sheep, pig, donkey, camel, etc
  • Paint sticks (can be used for canes, shepherds staffs, scepters, swords, etc)
  • Scroll
  • Small treasure box
  • Fake gems
  • Fake gold coins
  • At Christmas, find some giant plastic candy canes and paint them brown for shepherd staffs. [Thanks to my friend Kelly for this great idea!]
  • Animal noses
  • Ball and chain [for prisoners]
  • Coil bound notebook and golf pencil
  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Fake food [bread, fish]
  • Nets
  • Foam or cardboard swords
  • Inflatable globe
  • Inflatable fish/whale
  • Inflatable boat
  • Sun, moon, stars
  • Fancy goblet
  • Rocks/stones [real or plastic]
  • Bandages [rolled up fabric kind for injuries or illnesses]
  • Flashlight/torch/lantern
  • Rope/cord
  • Cardboard [various sizes] for making signs or impromptu props
  • markers

2. Finding Items for your Prop Box

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to put together a really great prop box. Be smart.

Make a list of the items you are hoping to find and make it available to your congregation. It’s amazing what people have lying around their homes!

If it’s the right season, hit the garage sales.

Check out local thrift stores.

Raid your own closets and storage areas.

Browse around dollar stores.
Have fun putting together your prop box!

12 Skit Ideas for the Classroom

Children's Ministry skitsKids love skits!

Skits are a great for a number of reasons. Skits:

  • are a way to reinforce the lesson
  • help teach new or difficult concepts
  • get the kids engaged and involved
  • (especially Bible skits) are a great way to expose kids to Biblical content
  • also provide ways to look at familiar material in a new way

Here are 11 ideas for using skits in the Sunday School classroom:

1. On-Scene Reporter

This idea works a number of ways. The teacher has taught the lesson and then encourages the kids to act it out in a news show format. Another way to do it would be to have the kids look up the Bible story and then act it out in a news show format.

Depending on the number of kids in your class, the teacher can be the anchor or one of the students can play that role. They introduce the on-scene reporter who is a student who reports the news (which is the Bible story from your lesson.)

You can include a number of kids with this type of skit. A great way to get new or unchurched kids involved is to have them do sports or weather updates.

2. Act out the Bible story

This is simple and fun. Teach the lesson, then have the class act out the Bible story you have taught. The class can work together to figure out parts and props. If you have children who are shy, there are options for them to still be involved. They can be in charge of props or be given a non-speaking role.

3. Group Bible story Skits

Split your class into groups. Have them look up different Bible stories and then act them out for the other groups. This is a fun review activity.

4. Split the story into Parts

Split your Bible story into parts and split your class into groups (this can work in a small class if students are given individual parts.) Give each group a different part of the story to act out. Then have the groups present their skits in chronological order.

5. Different Groups, Same Story

Split your class into groups and give them all the same Bible story to act out. This is an interesting way to focus on a Bible story. As different groups act out their skit you will see different emphasis and focus.

6. Have Kids Act out the Story as You Tell It

This is a fun way to get the class involved as you tell the Bible story. This is a great option especially when telling a familiar Bible story. In this activity the kids will have little or no speaking parts. Give them their parts ahead of time. Tell them to listen carefully and respond whenever their character acts or speaks in the story. Then, as the teacher, tell the story while your students act it out.

7. Real-Life Application of the Lesson

Skits can also be used during the application part of the lesson. The students are actively involved in connecting the Bible to real life. Start the application discussion with your class. When some application ideas have been introduced, encourage them to split into groups and come up with a skit that shows the application in a real-life situation.

8. Act Out a Daily-Life Scenario and then Have the Kids Come up with a Biblical Response

This suggestion requires a bit of preparation before class. When preparing the lesson, write out some daily-life scenarios that are connected to your lesson – to the Bible story or the application. During your lesson, pass out a card to individual children or a group of kids. Have them act out the scenario and then ask the class to come up with a Biblical response to that scenario. For example, if your lesson was on loving your enemy, one of the scenario’s acted out could be bullying at school. Once the skit is done, ask the class to come up with a Biblical response to that bullying scenario.

9. Role-Playing

This is similar to the above idea, but in this case have the kids act out different responses to the same situation. In this idea, the kids can role play different responses to various scenarios. Then discuss which are the appropriate or Biblical responses.

10. Skits that Help Kids Understand Doctrine

There are important concepts for kids to understand that can be difficult to teach. Consider using skits as a way to help kids unpack and understand Biblical doctrine.

For example, here’s a skit idea that will help kids figure out the concept of justification. Justification is “an instanteous legal act of God in which He (1) thinks of our sins as forgiven and Christ’s righteousness as belonging to us, and (2) declares us to be righteous in His sight.” (Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem.) Have the class act out a courtroom scene.

11. Charades

This last idea works great for the beginning of your lesson. It gets kids attention and introduces a topic or concept. Have a student act out a concept and the class guesses what it is. It’s quick and fun and engaging.

12. Radio (Podcast) Skit

This idea is really challenging for kids because the art of simply listening is dying out. A radio or podcast skit is one done with no props, costumes, sets, or movement. Vocal expression alone is used to communicate. To make this really authentic, have those involved in the skit out of site of the rest of the class. Choose a Bible story or real-life situation and have a group of kids present it as a podcast. All they have is their voice to communicate the plot. Kids can have a lot of fun with this idea! Can they engage the interest of the rest of the class with just their voices!